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EBooks and Audio Books

Would you like to read books on your electronic device? or perhaps listen to a book on an MP3 player? Then we have access to some great books for you!

How to Borrow, Place Holds and Return E Books and Audio Books:

  1. Go to Abbott Memorial Library website ( and click on the ebooks and audiobooks button.
  2. Click on the login button. 
  3. To find your library card number to login, flip your card over. Type in the last 5 digits EXCEPT for the fifth digit. (For example, if your number is 12345, you would type in 1234, dropping the last digit.)
  4. To see either ebooks or audiobooks (rather than both), click on filters and uncheck which type of book you would NOT want then click on the X in the top corner to update your search.
  5. To search for a specific book, type the title or author in the search box.
  6. Click on the book that you would like. A window will pop up. You can read a short summary about the book. Click the borrow button to borrow the book for up to 21 days. There will also be an option to download the book for offline reading once you have clicked on the borrow button.
  7. If the book you would like has a hold option instead of borrow, this means that the book is already borrowed. You can choose to place a hold and be notified when the book is available to borrow.
  8. To read or return the book after logging out, login again and click on My Books. You will see the books that you are currently borrowing with choices to read or return. Click the return button to return books you’ve finished. To continue reading, click the read button. 

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